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What can you see in the adorable Varna

What can you see in Varna?Varna is a remarkable city. Of course there are also many sights which are worth seеing: museums, which definitely have to be visited...

The talking skull

A single female body unearthed amid the mass slaughter of the London Blitz was identified as a victim not of war but of a private, murderous act of mutilation- thanks to the evidence of the dead woman’s dentist...

Regent english language training

Knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which help you to get a job, win a promotion or a place at university. whatever your goal we help you to achieve it while we challenge you to set yourself even more demanding targets...

The age of reason

This was the beginning of an open society where individuals were free to pursue individual happiness and liberty. The age of reason brought about a great change in the tale of man’s sojourn on earth...

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