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Whale Rider

This essay reffers to a native american tribe and their understanding of life...

American Interests

In “The Wild Beast”, Peter Maass tells the horrific story of the people involved in the Bosnian War...

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

This essay will promote a nation in their efforts of defending their culture and human rights. Many of the Jewish people in the Eastern Europe tried to organize resistance against the Germans...

King George V

George Frederick Ernest Albert(George V), the second son of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark, was born at Marlborough House on 3rd June,1865.Most of his childhood was spent at Sandringam,Buckingham Palace and Balmoral....

Technology has made the world a better place to live

Есе по английски, което помага и за кандидатстване за Тoefel...

Английска граматика

Кратка английска граматика за ученици от първи до четвърти клас. Илюстрована и лесна за възприятие...

Is it better to make the wrong decision than to make no decision at all?

Our lives are one big connection of decisions. Sometime right other wrong but in every situation we are ready to find the decision...


The country of Chile is located in western South America. The conditions vary with the mountains, deserts, and beaches...


Education is so multifaceted that it is difficult to know where to begin discussing it or how to prioritize the many factors...

Disney company

The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy Disney...
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