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The age of reason

This was the beginning of an open society where individuals were free to pursue individual happiness and liberty. The age of reason brought about a great change in the tale of man’s sojourn on earth...

История на английски език

кратка история за развитието на английския език от създаването му до наши дни...

Exploring the past

Exploring the past is a purposeless activity all of us have little secrets which we don’t want to share with others – things which we are ashamed of, things which are too intimate to tell or just things which happened in the past and we...

What recent news story has affected you the most

The news story that affected me the most recently was the earthquake in Haiti that happened on the 12th January this year. It was a world-wide shock because there were millions of gone, injured or homeless people and those who lived should remember...
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Поли Цветкова
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